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I was 7 years old when I got my first dirt bike. It was a snowy day, but that didn’t stop me from riding. I was hooked. 

Over the next several years, I would spend many evenings throughout the summer riding around our property most of the time.

I got too big for my little kids dirt bike and was ready for a teen-sized bike with a clutch. With the help from my dad, I was able to get a couple of worn out bikes. An XR100 4 stroke and a CR80 2 stroke.

I had no prior experience with the clutch, but the XR100 made it a relatively easy transition… Or so I thought.

I quickly promoted myself to the CR80 because I wanted a faster 2 stroke.

By then I began my friendship with Jordan, a lifelong friend and riding partner. He asked me to come trail riding with him and his family.

I thought I had plenty of experience, so I absolutely said yes.

Well, it was the start of a new adventure, because I sucked, to put it lightly.

Using the clutch in the woods became a chore, and my balance was terrible when riding trails with elevation changes.

That was the point where I decided to practice my technique so that I could be skilled enough to keep up with my new riding family.

Fast forward over 10 years and I have gone on some of the most amazing dirt bike trips. Riding out in the mountains on some of the most technical trails available to the public is one of the most exciting challenges I’ve done.

Learning and figuring out proper techniques and skills either from mistakes, trial and error, or spending countless hours researching videos and articles online has helped shape me into the rider I am today.

Am I professional? Absolutely not, but I am confident in my riding skills. And now, over the last several years I have been able to teach many people how to safely and confidently ride a dirt bike with a clutch.

Friends or family, young or old, guys or gals, I’ve been able to use what I learned over the years to teach them in a step by step process.

From never touching a dirt bike to giggling under their helmet in no time because they learned the basics to ride a dirt bike with a clutch that seemed unreachable for some of them.

Now it’s your turn. I want to teach you how to ride a dirt bike with a clutch through my online video course. 

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Who Is This Course For?

  • You just bought your first dirt bike/motorcycle/dual sport

  • Anyone new to dirt biking

  • Anyone that wants to properly learn the basics

  • Wanting to learn how to use a manual dirt bike with clutch

  • Young, old, guy or gal

  • Even if you don't have a bike, I will show you the best ones for beginners and how to find one for a reasonable price.

Who’s It Not For?

  • Riders that are already comfortable with starting, riding, shifting and using the clutch on their dirt bike

  • Anyone that wants to learn on their own, which may take years of learning from your own mistakes before you become a skilled rider. 

What You’ll Learn:

My Course is a 6 step process that is easy to follow. Even if you're brand new to dirt biking and know nothing, you can start from the beginning and by following each lesson you'll have confidence in your riding skill and understand how a dirt bike works.

Here is the 6-step outline:

  • How to best prevent injuries

  • Setting up your bike for YOU

  • How to ride a dirt bike with a clutch

  • When Things Go Wrong

  • How to shift

  • Tips & Techniques for becoming a skilled rider

Common Objections

  • I'm too old:

This course is designed to teach anyone, young or old. If you can physically ride a bicycle, then you're not too old to learn how to ride a dirt bike. 

I've taught people that are over 60 years old that have never ridden before and we're nervous about getting hurt. After proper instructions, they were riding and already started feeling confident in no time!

  • I'm afraid of crashing or getting hurt:

This is a valid complaint. However, contrary to popular belief, dirt bike riding is not as dangerous as seen in movies or in the news. 

My course is designed from the beginning to show you the best steps to learn how to ride safely and prevent injury.

By wearing proper gear (that doesn't cost a fortune) and using my techniques to get started, you will feel safe and confident from the beginning. 

  • I'm not good on 2 wheels; therefore I'll never be good:

This is definitely more of an “excuse” than an actual objection. Sure, you might not have the natural talent that some people do when it comes to 2 wheels, but if you just take one step at a time and learn the basics, riding a dirt bike is actually surprisingly easy.

Dirt biking doesn’t get hard until you start riding technical terrain and hitting obstacles. But starting out on the right path will get you to that skill level in less time.

  • I've tried it before and had a bad experience:

I completely understand this belief. I hate to see potential new riders have some sort of accident where they “whiskey-throttled” and looped out or got scared riding a dirt bike for the first time. My goal and way of teaching is to reinforce the basics and to get you to understand how the bike works before letting you take off.

  • Don't know how to get started:

If you didn’t grow up in a family of riders, it can be intimidating to dive into the dirt biking hobby. What bike do I get? What gear do I need? I’ve never used a clutch before…

There are a lot of dirt bikes on the market, but I will help you find the right one to start out on. Afraid of needing a small fortune for a bike and gear? While dirt biking can be expensive, it shouldn’t cost much more than a lot of other sports. There’s many used dirt bikes that can be had for an affordable price. Starting out with only the essential riding gear is also smart because it’s economical and safe.

  • Don't have space to ride:

This one is difficult if you live in the city. However, the riding techniques that I teach can be done and practiced in a surprisingly small backyard. In fact, riding slowly is one of the ways I teach you how to quickly increase your skill on 2 wheels.

Why Learn From Me?

  • I believe in my course and the way that I teach will teach you to properly ride.

  • I want more riders in the community. The only way you’re going to stay long term is if you have fun, feel confident, and stay safe. Crashing or getting hurt is one of the quickest ways to kill someone’s chances of pursuing dirt bike riding as a hobby.

Why Is My Course Unique?

  • Only online course for beginners (that I have seen)

  • You can take it anywhere any time

  • Complete process that breaks down each step and is easy to follow. 

  • You actually learn how to ride and become a skilled rider. You could find a lot of videos on youtube about how to ride, but it would take days to find all the best content and you have to sort through all of the bad content, which can be hard to discern.

  • Very specific roadmap to success.

  • 1st person views to give you a lifelike feel of what it will actually look like.

  • I will be there for you along the way if you have questions about learning to ride or the course itself.

  • I want to serve you by creating the best and most helpful course for YOU. My goal is for you to become a skilled rider in as short of time as possible. If you feel there’s a lack of information or a problem with my course, I am open to hearing what you have to say and learning from it.

  • You will get lifetime updates as I perfect this course to make it the best possible.

Bonus #1

A complete guide on the best beginner dirt bikes. Whether you’re an adult, short, tall, a female, or you’re getting this for your kid, starting out on the right bike is one of the key secrets to my course.

This bonus guide is valued at $50

Bonus #2

A comprehensive guide on how to find a good deal on a used dirt bike. Choosing the right bike is the easy part. Finding a good deal on a reliable dirt bike is another story. I’ll show you what to look for when buying a used dirt bike so that you don’t get completely screwed over and left with a pile of junk.

Obviously, when buying anything used, you never know what you’re going to get. But, using my checklist and guide that I have used to buy dozens of used bikes over the years, you’ll be able to find the right bike and potentially save hundreds of dollars or more

This bonus guide is valued at $300.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If for some reason you find this course isn't a good fit or not useful, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee! I want you to have an enjoyable transformation by going through this course, but I know it's not perfect for everyone. Please read all of the details on the sales page to fully understand what you will be learning.